Step 1: Data Model with Purpose

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At the heart of this web service, is a data model that directly reflects the application's purpose.

Constructing a the core model itself involves finding a fundamental order for thee categories of program activity. 

I. Fundamental centers:
  • user
  • group
  • user page
  • group page 
  • list
  • item
II. Inter-center relations

  • List: list owner that is a user.
  • Item: item owner that is a user.
  • Group page: group admin that is a user
  • Group: group members that are users
  • Item: volunteers that are users
III. Fundamental pathways:
  • list add / delete /edit (list owner)
  • item add / delete /edit (item owner)
  • prioritize pages, lists, items (public by default. private possible)
  • volunteer for item. more than once. role.
  • volunteer status for item.
  • owner. status for list, page, group.